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Based in Berlin, Lisantix is a People Management consultancy that specializes in helping companies open or relocate offices to Germany and Europe.

We are experts in German market, labour , fin-tech, HR technology and new work styles. We can help you establish your presence in Germany - the heart of continental Europe - quickly, efficiently and safely so you can concentrate on launching your business successfully. Rapidly expanding companies come to us to reduce the risk of expanding on the continent and use our expertise to ensure the company gets off to the right start. Whatever stage you are at, we can help you successfully research, investigate, navigate and understand what it takes to launch in Europe largest market. At Lisantix, we help you achieve your global ambitions.


Registration of a corporation
Establish an addresss
Establish financial bank account
Select an office
Get your employees
Work visa

We Are

Collectively, our team principles have over 20 years of human resource and global management experience with successful international companies like Hitfox, Finleap, Starbucks, Microsoft and Air France/KLM. We can ensure your entry into the European market is successful, goes according to plan and launches on-time.
Katrin müller

Katrin studied Business Administration at the Berlin School of Economics & Law. It was there that she found her passion for human resource management. Upon graduation, she gained valuable HR experience by working with acclaimed start-up companies like DailyDeal/Google, eCareer, HitFox Group and FinLeap.

Katrin müller

CEO & Founder
Mike Lee

Danit graduated Sociology and Chinese Studies. She developed her career in operations management, worked almost 10 years as regional operations manager in China (ISC), later in Berlin (Zalando). Leading multi-national teams she discovered the impact talent & people has on business performance. She then followed her passion for People & Organization and gained even more experience in building powerful teams and scaling up HR and Operation processes.

Danit Gal

Managing Partner


We have worked with Lisantix on several projects and they have always delivered their services on-time with the highest quality and skill.

by Frank BroerMoneyMap

With their guidance and expertise, they not only have saved us hundreds of thousands of euros in hiring costs but they made sure the team was right sized and able to rapidly expand on schedule. We highly recommend them.

by Nikolai SkatchkovCircula

I utilized Lisantix to develop our product marketing strategies at Cenior. They helped me focus on the core offerings, which customer segments to focus on and the product sequence that would maximize revenue. As a result, they helped us get to market faster while saving us a ton of time and money.

by Stayko PopovCenior.com
  • HitFox
  • Perseus
  • Crossengage
  • Cenior
  • Circula



  • We exist to help foreign companies, local companies or founders open offices in Germany

  • One stop shop with one point of contact

  • We manage the process and clear away the bureaucracy

  • We make the entry process into Germany easier, faster and less expensive


  • We support our clients with Immigration visas for founders, colleagues and family

  • We help with relocation and integration into the local ecosystem

  • We shape a community to foster social and cultural integration

Team set-up & Development

  • We help you recruit and choose the right candidates for your team - C-Level and employee recruitment

  • We offer training on professional behavioral interviews and suitable diagnostic tools

  • We help you define and implement the right cultural values for your team

  • We offer customized workshops on team performance & development, competency models

Internal processes

  • We support you with setting-up and implementing digital HR processes

  • Consultation on local labour law and works council interaction

  • We help you choose and implement the right tools

  • We support you with performance management and employee satisfaction efforts

Growth consultation

  • We can help you take your company to the next level

  • We consult on organizational design, behaviour and restructuring